It`s all about what we do and how we do it!


Introduction of our Company


PAPER TRADE was founded back in year 2005, initially the company was just doing local business of Label cloth and Satin Cloth with the Printers in Pakistan, the company added new products of Label Cloth and Satin cloth with the passage of time in its business line.

Then in year 2011, the company got its Import and Export License to start the import of Label cloth and likewise products. The company started its Electrical products business in 2012 and by the grace of God, it become the major trade for it in no time.

We import a variety of Lighting products such as Led Bulbs, Led Down lights and also have started to assemble some of the products here in Pakistan to improve our grip on the quality of the products.We also import SKD for Bulbs and parts of Down Lights like Porcelain Lamp Holder, springs and Reflector cups.

Led and Rice String Lights for decoration are also our products.


Introduction of LED Lights


LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and it is the relatively new, and cost effective way to illuminate the world around us. Go back four or five years, and LED was considered a good idea but not quite ready for full commercial or home use. They were too expensive and they didn’t give out enough illumination to make the cost worthwhile.

Now the research and development of this green technology has caught up with expectations, bulb prices have come down and they are giving out enough light to compete with CFLs and incandescent alternatives. If you want a lighting solution that saves you more money, then LED could well be the answer.


History of LED Lighting.


Since the dawn of time we have been trying to push away the darkness by lighting torches and candles. It wasn’t until the discovery of electricity that we finally began to produce bulbs that could be switched on with the flick of a button. The light bulb has had a huge impact on the story of our development and LED bulbs are our latest technological stepping stone towards a greener future.  


How LED Lighting Works.


LED lighting works in a different way from either incandescent or CFL bulbs and has been a long time in development. Light Emitting Diodes have been around since the early 1960s but it wasn’t until recent years that we have been able to take that technology and use it to light our homes. You can actually find LED in lots of household appliances, including flat screen TVs and remote controls but the big challenge has been to increase the amount of light emitted that can be utilized in the home and office.


Types of LED Lighting.


There are now just as many different types of LED light bulbs as there are with other varieties. Bayonet, screw top, tube, spotlights, candles and a host of different styles means you can now find a LED bulb to suit your needs. Today’s LED bulbs are also as bright as their less energy friendly counterparts and can be used in both commercial and domestic circumstances.


Cost of LED Lighting.


LED lights are generally more expensive than others on the market but it’s not the most important thing you need to take into account before you buy your first bulb. Happy Lights LED bulbs use much less electricity than their counterparts and so can help you reduce your energy bills significantly. They also last a lot longer than incandescent and CFL bulbs.


Benefits of Happy Lights LED Bulbs


There are a number of benefits for LED lighting if you are looking for a simple way to improve the energy efficiency of your home or office.

Happy Lights bulbs pays back the Cost in less than a year as compared to its counterparts.

Happy Lights bulbs are simple to install and they go directly into the existing fittings so there is no extra work or installation needed.

Happy Lights LED bulbs require less electricity to run and so can help to reduce the amount being spent on electricity bills.

Happy Lights LED bulbs also last a lot longer than incandescent and CFL bulbs.


Commercial LED Lighting.


The one arena that has already greatly benefited from Happy Lights LED lighting in the last few years are commercial premises. From offices to shops and restaurants, factories and warehouses, there are great savings to be made for businesses across the Pakistan by switching to LED bulbs. There are plenty of case studies online that show how businesses of all sorts are now reaping the real savings from this new technology.


Residential LED Lighting.


It has taken a little longer for LED lighting to catch on with the home owners of the Pakistan but it can also have wide ranging benefits for domestic properties. Around 17% of our energy bills tend to betaken up with lighting our homes and having Happy Lights LED


Product Detail’s .


LED Downlights 7w-12w

General lighting provides a uniform level of ambient illumination in a room or space. It doesn’t highlight any particular aspects of the room; it just provides overall light that shines down and illuminates horizontal surfaces.While perhaps the least visually striking lighting method, it is required for the space to be functional,

LED String Lights

This is outdoor/indoor LED string light with controller.use LED technology.can be used to decorate trees and houses for any event.operates on low power consumption.multi-function.can change program of lighting.available in Green, Blue, White and Multi colors also available with End Plug to increase length

Available sizes:

80 Lamps/9 Meters long

60 Lamps/7 Meters long


A60 | 150-265V | 12 Watt Low Energy Consumption Low Maintenance Cost Low Thermal Output Shockproof and vibration Replaces incandescent LampA60.CRI>80

Available in B22 and E27 lamp base.

RICE String Lights.

This is outdoor/indoor Rice Bulb string light.can be used to decorate trees and houses for any event operates on low power consumption, still lights.available in Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Golden and Multi colors.Also available inmulti color with controller which can change program of lighting.

Available sizes:

80 Lamps/9 Meters long.

60 Lamps/7 Meters long.

RGB Rotating Led Disco Light Bulb 3W.

Buy this colorful rotating 3W Disco LED Light Bulb that rotates automatically and has the stage lightning effect. It has a long life time and low power consumption with no UV rays.The lamp is environment friendly. Plus, it has a high impact and shock resistance. It is very easy to use and is suitable for all types of events and parties. Available in B22 and E27 lamp base.

Plain Downlight.

This is a plain downlight for ceilings, can be used to install any kind of lamps and Bulbs, No need to call an expert to change the Bulb, just remove the faulty Bulb and replace it with a new one yourself. Use porcelain holder for Long life, never needs to be changed, available in many sizes, colors and designs according to your theme.